Welcome To River Run™ Marine

We are a company full of committed individuals who have passion for building first class products that our customers will experience great joy with.

We exhaust all resources in building innovative products that set the tone for the industry. We know you like cool, useful and innovative products that are priced right. We like the same! We engineer every item to be the manufactured the way it should be. Not the way it is cheapest.

We know employing good techniques in manufacturing will make a happy customer and a long lasting product. We don’t cut corners in engineering, manufacturing or servicing our products or our customers.

We handle every aspect of the production process in house so that we have control over the quality and the time frame in which it is to be finished. When we commit to something, we go all in!

Our research and development is extensive and our staff is experienced. We spend a great deal of effort in testing products in harsh environments in which we expect our customers to use them in. Our staff uses our extreme testing with many years manufacturing and product development staff experience to build the best possible products. We back that up with a warranty.