Just why do I need a wet clutch neutral gear on my mud motor?

River Run 9.5 HP Mud MotorSafety is the biggest concern when it comes to anything. This is the main reason we opted to build our outboard mud motors with a wet clutch design unlike any other manufacturer. The wet clutch gives you a neutral gear where the engine is running but the propeller is not turning. We are the only manufacturer of small mud motors that has a wet clutch standard. This is an important note to take in to consideration when you are searching for the best mud motor for you.

The wet clutch allows you to easily maneuver to and away from the dock or any other target much easier than if you did not have a neutral gear. Without the neutral, the boat is moving as soon as you start the engine. This can be a safety issue if you are not prepared for it and also makes it much hard to move the boat to where you want it to go in the water!

Our wet clutch uses a 20W50 motor oil and should be drained and replaced after the first 10 hours of usage. No additional maintenance is required other than basic oil changes. It is important that you use only 20W50 motor oil in the wet clutch.

The wet clutch also allows us to use a reverse gearbox drive in making the worlds first small mud motor with reverse!