River Run Mud Motor Handles

There are many questions regarding the proper handle sizing when selecting a River Run Surface Drive Mud Motor. Most fishing and hunting boats have a rear bench seat. Boat manufacturers like Tracker and Lowe use similar locations for the operator’s seat. For this application our standard handle is the one to use.  The standard handle is about 22″ from the center of the transom.   The exception to this rule is if you plan to operate the boat standing. To operate the boat standing, you would use our “Z” shaped handle or “up twist” handle. Our twist handles are 4″ longer and our Z is 8″ longer.

For boat styles that utilize a swivel style seat located in either rear corner, our twist handle would be the choice. The twist handle provides 4″ additional length and has a 30 degree extension that allows the throttle and steering action to be closer to the operator.

Here is a picture of the twist handle:

Long Side Twist Handle