The ultimate in small watercraft outboard mud motors is now here!

The River Run™ 14HP is perfectly engineered for small size boats from 12 feet in length up to 15 feet. Sometimes called Mud Motors for strength in cutting, the River Run™ Outboard performs awesome in deep water! $3695 Click Here To Buy

14 HP Surface Drive Outboard Mud Motor

With the River Run™ style of outboard, your destination is virtually boundless! With our Outboard, you can go in virtually no water allowing you to reach areas for fishing or hunting that you would not dare try with a conventional outboard powered boat! Now you can now get there! Fish in the tightest areas. Hunt in remote locations. We’ll get ya there! All that and no sacrifices!

Designed to compete with regular outboards, the River Run line of outboards is packed with features not seen in regular mud motors. River Run Outboards are the only Mud Motors with a true neutral drive. River Run Outboards are used by states, counties, search and rescue units, law enforcement, universities and the military! River Run Outboards are the go to choice for durability, performance and usability!

River Run Outboards beat conventional style outboards in every category! Check Out These Amazing Features:

  • Worlds First RPM Activated Electromagnetic Clutch-The patent pending River Run Clutch System gives unmatched control over your boat when compared to all competitors. Our clutch is activated by your hand squeezing the throttle not by flipping a switch. With our system, the propeller is NOT turning until you squeeze the throttle! This give you total control over what your boat does and provides a major level of safety no other surface drive outboard has.  This system is manufactured in house and really brings the 14 HP unit to a whole different level. The system allows us to use a larger clutch with an extended service life. We can do this as we operate this clutch with a computer system engineered and manufactured by River Run.
  • Unique Trolling Switch Function– Allows you to operate the boat direct drive at low speeds. Great for cruising in low wake zones at idle speed. Also great for operating the boat while gigging, picking up decoys or spraying ponds.
  • Superb Drive ability & Performance– Designed for users of all types, the River Run 14HP provides you with a smooth low vibration drive that allows you to be comfortable while driving.  We have focused engineering on this aspect as well as structural ingenuity in design but not over weight by habit.  Special focus on the speed and usability for touch situations where you really need your mud motor to work.
  • Power Trim Option
  • Center Console Steering-Available now. Our system is designed to fit existing boat systems or new builds.
  • Long Life belt drive 
  • Kohler quality engine that will not leave you stranded
  • Super strong skeg system with bolt on replaceable skeg
  • The Only 14 HP Mud Motor With A Neutral and Reverse Drive!
  • Strongest replaceable Skeg in it’s class. We are the only manufacturer with a replaceable Propeller Protector built in to to the Skeg
  • Drive with 2 fingers-We have eliminated torque steer!

*Patent Pending
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