• The River Run Outboard Mud Motor is the only small surface drive with neutral and reverse! Why compromise?

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Perfect For Rescue Operations

Government Agencies and Universities


The Cadillac of Mud Motors!

Tough & Durable. Driving Is A Pleasure!


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Florida Mud Motors

We are your one stop shop for quality short tail surface drive mud motors. River Run Marine uses the latest technology when building our superior shallow water motor. Taking boating to new levels and taking you to new places!

Shallow Water Outboards

River Run Marine has built the most reliable, powerful and extremely quite mud motors in the world, and all of our motors have NEUTRAL & REVERSE! Technology moves fast and here at River Run Marine we move faster.

Back Water Hunting Motors

We are poised and ready to handle any order you may have. We are constantly searching for more outdoorsmen who want the best shallow water outdoor motors in the world. Look no Further you found us!

Changing the way the world goes boating,
fishing and hunting.

Affordable Mud Motors

River Run Marine’s team of inventors set out to manufacture the highest quality shallow water motors in the world, and we have done just that! We are outdoorsmen who love hunting and fishing and know how important your equipment is, and we are excited for you, our fellow outdoorsmen to own and enjoy River Run Marines quality outboard motors.

When you go fishing, duck hunting or your just exploring shallow lakes and rocky rivers you need a River Run motor. Our motors our roughed, durable and meant to last, but when your riding in your boat with one of our outboards, you will think your riding in a Cadillac, their so quite. River Run’s mechanical geniuses can handle any job from an order of 1000 outboards motors to just helping a local weld up some aluminum ladder racks for their enclosed trailer. We take pride in treating others with respect and going out of our way to make sure every client is completely satisfied.

River Run Marine is preparing to introduce our SUP Electric Motor. Compared to an outboard mud motor, this is an inexpensive way to fish or hunt and the battery last up to 7 hours! Our electric paddle board motor provides boaters another great way to get in hard to reach areas for intense fishing action. Take a look at our Electric Paddle Board SUP Motor and see for yourself how extremely cool these paddle boards are. River Run Marines’ goal is to provide cutting edge mud motors for hunting and fishing enthusiasts around the world. Helping fellow outdoorsmen make memories that last a lifetime.

  • Serious Outdoorsmen

    If you’re a serious outdoorsmen you have the tools to get you were you want, when you want. Here at River Run Marine we pride ourselves in being the best makers of good times.

  • Advanced Technology

    Our Mud Motors have the latest technology available! You need a new fishing hole or hunting spot? We’ll get you there in style! Quality shallow water outboards for both work and play.

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